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Author and musician Ann Stanley lives in the high desert of Central Oregon, where she enjoys the great outdoors, taking her two corgis with her whenever possible. Besides her new book, Bella’s Rebellion, which will appear in March of this year, she is the author of numerous short stories and serial fiction at Her work appears in several anthologies, including Mosaic, a Compilation of Creative Writing, and One, Celebrating Our First Year.

Ann’s fiction ranges from mainstream to fantasy, science fiction, and speculative (what if) stories. Her favorite topic is women finding fulfillment through creative and scientific careers, despite obstacles which might be thrown in their path. She also writes about difficult relationships with parents and spouses, ways to deal with apocalyptic scenarios without killing each other, and the dangers of future technologies, along with fantasy adventure stories. Even her mainstream fiction occasionally contains an element of magic. Her first novel will appear in early 2017.

While she currently works as a massage therapist, she used to be a mathematical biologist. She has a Ph.D. in applied mathematics from California Institute of Technology.

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