Cover Reveal

Hey everyone, it’s here! A big shout out to Margie Deeb, who did the cover design for Bella’s Rebellion. Margie is an author (besides her beautiful books on beadwork, she wrote two short fiction pieces in our free anthology, Mosaic), as well as a wonderful artist and teacher. Isn’t my book cover absolutely gorgeous?! In … Read more

How I got my Ph D

Recently, one of my writing buddies asked me about how I got a Ph D in Applied Mathematics, so I thought I’d tell a little bit of the story. Of course, next time I tell it, I’ll remember completely different things, but hang on, here’s today’s version. It all started when I was a little … Read more

Computer craziness

What do you do when a computer crashes? Do you call the local computer guy, replace the machine, or start trying to fix the problem yourself? This time around, I went with the latter. The crash was my fault, so I suppose that I felt guilty and responsible. I had done something almost embarrassingly stupid … Read more