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My short story, First Place Team, is about the way our assumptions and preconceptions can affect our lives. A woman sees a photo of her husband hugging another woman, and assumes the worst. Stories by many of the other regular contributors to also appear in this book, none of which have previously appeared on SFB. All revolve around the theme of ‘one’ or ‘first.’

About this story, Lisa says:

WOW! It really hooked me immediately—I was in the story– couldn’t put it down. You really are good! That’s better than any short story I’ve read in the reporter, or read anywhere in who knows when.
The only down side:  I was bummed when it ended.

Jim says:

I read yours last night. Really excellent, and interesting. I found it humorous and insightful.  Loved how the characters developed. How a single incident bringing the past into the present changed lives in profound ways so that in some ways they ended up getting to a better state.  So many threads through out. Interesting how lack of communication precipitated the events, both short term (misrepresentation of the meaning of the pictures) and long term, the poor relationship between the husband and wife.  Great job.

This book can be purchased at Amazon, here.