Available Now! Bella’s Rebellion, a compilation of my short stories.


Books for Women

Life-changing discoveries.
Wisdom from a woman in a mirror.
A secret experiment gone awry.
A character revising their story.
Help from unexpected quarters.

Lacy is too old to spy on her parents, but she can’t resist, until she learns something which sends her spinning from her hiding place. After disaster hits the continent, Geraldine Foster tries to prevent hatred from destroying her beloved community. Josephine and Sarah discover that they never really knew their mothers. Nancy Olsen’s desire to help her country and her attraction to the darkly handsome Julius lead her down a dangerous path.
These are just a few of the themes explored in these thirteen short stories and flash fiction pieces by emerging author Ann Stanley. Using contemporary situations, sometimes with a touch of magical realism, or future scenarios, these pieces explore our connections to ourselves and others, and ways we can overcome obstacles to lead fulfilling lives. Click here to get Bella’s Rebellion from Amazon.