My Healing Process

Two weeks ago I posted a blog about my auto accident in which I promised to write a little more about my treatment and progress, hoping that you’ll find it interesting, and perhaps helpful, if you or someone you know gets in an accident. Just to recap, I was rear-ended two days before Christmas, 2012. … Read more

2013 – the year of recovery

Here’s to 2014! It’s started off well, at least compared to 2013. I’m almost pain-free, I’m writing better than ever, and things look good. 2013 started badly. I had been rear-ended on an icy road about a mile from home only a two days before Christmas. The lady in her old Land Cruiser hit the … Read more

Spontaneous myofascial release

I experienced a minor miracle the other night, one that not only affected my body, but may change the way I work with massage clients. I am also wondering if any one out there has had a similar experience. Please share! Maybe it wasn’t as weird as I think. I’ve had neck issues for years. … Read more

Exploring indigenous healing and spiritual traditions

I wonder how many of you have done exactly what my title says? Why? What do these other cultures have to teach us that we cannot learn from allopathic or Chinese (or even Ayurvedic) medicine, when it comes to health, or one of the major religions of the world when it comes to spirituality. Today, … Read more

The Mindbody

Well, readers, it’s past time for a book review. I’m combining some topics. I hope you don’t mind (play on words intended), because the book I’m talking about today is one that touches on the deep connection between our bodies and our minds. This isn’t just experiential stuff, though, like I often talk about: this … Read more