why a widow?

When I was in massage school, my favorite fellow student was diagnosed with cancer and ended up dropping out during our last quarter. This fascinating young artist had a boyfriend. They were clearly very much in love. As she went through treatment, lost her hair, recovered for a while and then relapsed, he stayed by … Read more

Why write?

I never planned to write a novel, I swear. It took me over, and it wrote itself. I have loved almost every minute of the process, even the endless editing. I love changing it. I love finding the right word. I love figuring out how to take what’s in my mind and figuring out how … Read more

Writing a Novel

This blog will be about the reasons I wrote Naked Lobster, and the process of writing it. I’ll also include some background stuff on my career as a massage therapist and some of the other aspects of the book, such as the musician character. I’ll also talk about what I’m doing to get it published. … Read more