Bullying has been in the news a great deal recently, with the suicides of young kids resulting from it. If you’ve never been bullied, it might be easy to dismiss it as ‘kids being kids,’ but I can attest to the long-lasting damage it leaves, even when suicide is not the immediate result, because I … Read more

Teen witches

The next chapter of Golden Threads is up! Come to the New Years Eve teen witch party and have a slice of pizza with them by clicking here. Why have a support group for teenaged witches in this novel? When they turn sixteen, many of them have no idea how to use their magic. Sure, … Read more

Time travel

In our last installment of Golden Threads, our heroine and her entourage had escaped her uncle’s clutches and landed safely in 1810 AD, to find the cave full of witches. What adventures await our young sixteenth century witch? How will she adapt as she moves through time? If you’ve been following along, find the next … Read more