Bella’s Rebellion

Contemporary women's fiction phone

This book of short stories and flash fiction by emerging author Ann Stanley ranges from contemporary women’s fiction, through magical realism, science fiction, and a look at how the apocalypse created by global warming might be survived with kindness. With a quick look at the devastation caused by the last recession, and the hopes of a young girl wishing to be an astronomer, these stories take you on an emotional roller coaster, looking at slices of life. We have a woman dealing with an ex-fiance, another with memories of a mother who abandoned her, and even a zephyr nursing a fire.

Lee Tyler says:
Reading Bella’s Rebellion is like savoring the delicate taste of a few longed-for bonbons and then realizing, toward the end, she’s made an entire cake for you. Happily stays with you like all good story collections should.  I’ve been impressed with Ann’s writing quality and process before. After reading Bella’s Rebellion, I’m even more impressed and looking forward to her next publication. 

S. J. Henderson says:
Whether she’s writing about a mirror world, vengeful goddess, or a grown child confronting past wrongs, expect her unique fingerprint on each tale Ann Stanley spins

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