What a long strange trip it's been. The Grateful Dead

full torsoIt has been a strange journey. These days, I'm a writer, musician, and massage therapist, but I once was a research scientist.

Here I feature my fiction. I also write about my journey through the world of academics and beyond. Plus I write about the lives of other female scientists and engineers.

My Fiction

My stories feature strong women dealing with difficult family of origin issues, career choices, and difficult relationships. I also explore apocalyptic scenarios. Recently, I have focused on short fiction, but I have several novels in various stages of development.

Women in Science

I started at the university thinking I might become a classical musician, and ended up with a Ph D. in Applied Mathematics. Don't ask. No, do, as I'd love to answer your questions. 

I was often the only woman in a classroom, and, after I graduated, the only female researcher in a sea of men. I did well, and I continued to do research for quite a number of years, but I was never happy. Eventually, I quit and started on a new journey.

At the time, I didn't really understand why I was so unhappy, but now I have some answers. And I think those answers are important ones to consider for anyone going into a STEM field, especially into research, and especially for women.

A Life You Love

I often write about my search for wholeness, and a career or hobby which felt like it, and the obstacles I encountered along the way. It's easy to burn out if you're doing something you don't enjoy. It isn't always easy to figure out what will make you happy, but, even when we do know, life gets in the way. There are a jillion reasons why I stayed in research as long as I did, and didn't discover how much I loved writing fiction until I was in my late forties.

Fear was a huge block (so huge that the few times I did try to write a story when I was younger I would stop before I barely even got started). We all have fears. The litany goes something like: I might never make any money, I might lose the respect of everyone we care about, I might be terrible at it, I might not know where to begin, and so on for something like fifty-two different possible flavors of fear. I swear I had them all and more. I am a very introverted person, and even the very thought of someone seeing my stuff could make me break out in a sweat. 

Can you relate to that?

Of course, family responsibilities, our childhood wounds, our social situation, and, well, money can all get in our way. Even our imagination can limit us. I believe it's important to have a conversation about this. It's important to look at those who have found their way through this crazy maze of life to the other side.

I hope you'll have a look around, find something you can relate to, and learn something. Please leave comments, and, if you'd like to be featured, let me know. I respond to everyone.

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  1. Hi Ann!

    I spoke to you briefly at the Santa Barbara Writer’s Conference. I want to let you know that I just purchased a paperback copy of your book, “Bella’s Rebellion.” I look forward to reading it, although it may take some time as I have a stack of books I need to read first! It was wonderful meeting you 🙂


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